Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Finally, Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out! People who did chased for Twilight knew that Bella is turning into a real 'Vampire' now, and she give birth to a vampire baby girl - Renesmee since part 1 ending.
In part 2, all the vampires and wolfs gather up and to protect Renesmee from Volturi. Can't wait to see the moment when they finally gather up.

Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is first screening tomorrow at Cathay Cineplax E@ Curve, but its only available for winners of Churpremiere. Too bad, I didn't get the chance to win the tickets but I really love watching those vampires romance movies, so I could only wait for it to shown on cinemas.

Do watch the trailer if you still not clearly understand the story before you have your movie, it will be easier for understand when you watch the movie. Here's the trailer:

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Everyday Make-up Tutorial.

Out of a sudden, I was feel like doing a simple make-up tutorial that I put on everyday. Its easy and nice but not smokey, you can wear this make-up to everywhere, we don't wear smokey eyes in the morning! lol. Here's few steps, but it only takes 10-15 minutes to done this make-up.

I'm using Maybelline Copper Brown Pallet, the first highlight colour.
 STEP 1: Apply the eyeshadow on your upper eyelid and the corner of the eyes.

Cyber Colors Gel Liner - Black & Kate brush liner.

 STEP 2: Draw the gel liner on your inner eyelid and slightly draw a wing that you wanted it to be.

Cyber Colors Waterproof Liquid Liner- Black
STEP 3: Use a liquid liner to draw a fine line on your eyelid and fill up colors on the wing.

 Revlon Brown Liner
 STEP 4: Use a brown pencil liner to slightly draw the down eyelid.

STEP 5: Apply some mascara on the upper eyelashes and also the down lashes. (i'm using Maybelline the Falsies Volume Express Mascara)

Make-Up 55 - Eye Shadow 203 (Brown) 
 Step 6: Use a darker eyeshadow (brown,black etc) to apply on your eyes upper eyelid, the sunken part.

Revlon Grow Luscious Lashliner - 002 Espresso & Silky Girl 02 Brown Pencil
 Step 7: I'm using the revlon to slightly draw on my eyebrow, then I use silkygirl brown pencil to murk it.

Silky Girl 06 Juicy Pink & Cyber Colors 02 Noble Pink
Step 8: Fill in the colors on your lips using Silky Girl Juicy Pink lipstick then apply a little lipgloss on your middle of the lips.
SERA Blush Pink
 Step 9: Blush your cheeks.

Taaaa-daaa! That's all, not even 10 steps. Its simple and fast, you can apply this make up when you're in a rush. Here comes the end of the tutorial, hope you guys like my make-up tutorial. If you have doubts, leave a comment here, and I'll be reply asap.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Part of Me

It's been awhile I did not blog, maybe half year? Lol. Just lost my interest on blogging last time, because I did not have much activities to blog about it, feel speechless on my blog now.

During this absent months, there's a lot thing have changed. I'm still having some big exam even though it is holiday now, that's what makes me busy. Here's some part of my life during these absent months, hoping to share on my blog.

Congrats to my dearest sister, she had married, and give birth to this lil life. My cutest ever nephew!

New me, when I started feel stress of my relationship, my life changed, my relationship turned into single, but i'm happy for it.
New gangs! Had some parties during the past months, some of them are my long lost sister, they are the craziest ever!
To prevent big tummy, I have started my diet plan, and that's suffer! Everything is tasteless..but plain yogurt cereal with some fresh fruits saved me, especially strawberries and raisins.
Got some new heels & pumps, welcome home my loves! Girl's best friend
New Megan's inspired make-up. I was just having fun, I love to beautify myself, but it seems failed, doesn't looks like any part of Megan. Btw, she is my idol since young!
Diet plan really makes me miss all of the sweetest stuff, miss those time having Haagen Daze & Durian Pancake with my sister..yummy..Looking at the picture, I feel so suffer and desperate. lol
Last, my very first nerd look on blog, I guess. Fighting during exams, dark circles, eyesbag, worst face ever.

All these memories I hope can fulfill my blog for awhile, trying hard to blog something out. Lol. Perhaps my next post will be coming asap. Stay tuned.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Exam End, party time!

I have been suffering for weeks because of exam, lack of sleep, sore throat, headache.. But now I'm totally free, because the exam has ended.

Holidays is coming very soon, where is my plan? Wanna earn some money, but just a short week holiday, maybe freelance? Any job for me? I'm a party animal, I can't live staying in house for too long, the boyfriend is busying with his job, so date me out? If not I'll be killed by boredom.. lol

Btw, how is my picture? I'm trying to take different style, not as same as last time, leave me some comment peeps!